About us

For years we’ve been searching for a healthy dessert that all age groups can enjoy.


The Americans have known about it for years, and Berryme has brought it to Australia for all to enjoy. FROZEN YOGURT – delicious and full of goodness.


Berryme frozen yogurt is the perfect guilt-free dessert. Enjoy it as is or why not jazz it up with superb selection of fresh toppings? Our topping range include all sorts of confectionary, cereals and fresh fruits.


Berryme is proudly Australian owned. Berryme supports Australian farmers by using only Australian dairy products and the freshest Australian grown fruits.


Our self-serve, weigh-n-pay system allows the customer to become the architect of their own frozen yogurt creation.


Whether you are a health conscious gym junkie or a dessert fanatic, Berryme frozen yogurt is the perfect treat.



“Wow. What a pleasant surprise!! Didn’t expect there to be so many varieties!! Hazelnut and New York cheesecake flavours are yum!! Amazing store!!”Nicky Copper

“I go every week to berryme, especially on Sunday evening. Good and impressive staff. “Yaseen Khan

“I don’t normally like frozen yogurt, but I absolutely loved this! The mango flavour is amazing. “Georgie Crowder-Vidot

“This is the best frozen yogert i have had in the hole world. berry me in your yogert. my mum, dad, my brother and me went to this place and i recommend to have a gobbel and a look if your in the mood for yogert. i ♥ berry me!!”Brent Harvey

“Way too excited that there is finally a froyo store in Brisbane! We had YogenFruz but then they took it away because no one really knew what froyo was. If you’ve been to America – you’ll know – the best treat ever! Can’t wait to come and try some soon – are you guys open weekends??”Melissa Fish

“Hey have six serves in two days?”Finn Laing

“You guys have become my new addiction. 🙂 “Samantha Porzionato